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Official website of the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”
10 June 2017

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On June 10, the Victory Park on the Poklonnaya Hill hosted a performance of the orchestra of the Military Institute (of military conductors) of the Military University. The concert was a continuation of the series Military Orchestras in Parks, which takes place within the framework of the Tenth International Military Music Festival Spasskaya Tower.

The performance of favorite songs of the war years and other popular compositions by the orchestra created a charming atmosphere of celebration and unity, while the weather played out to the musicians with all its might. On this warm summer day, the audience, strolling along the park alleys, hurried to the sounds of music, surrounding the orchestra and holding a standing ovation after each performed song. The listeners enthusiastically accepted the lyrical «Podmoskovnye Vechera» and «Echo of Love», and the fervent «Song of the Captain», and the positive «House with a view of G-major». The song «I Look at the Blue Lakes» sounded very heartfelt — a trembling dedication to the Motherland and declaration of love for it, provoking special feelings also in connection with the memorial significance of the park, which is a landmark place of memory for many Russians.