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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival


Rules of visiting of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival in 2021

as of August 18, 2021*

  1. Following terms and definitions are used in the Rules below:

    Festival — the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival;
    Festival Organizer — legal entity carrying out the Festival and the run-up to the Festival activities;
    Festival Shows — daytime and/or evening shows of the Festival with admittance carried out by tickets;
    Festival Events — events of the Festival carried out on the free of charge basis, with visitors being admitted without tickets;
    Territory of the Festival — Moscow city, Vasil’evskiy Spusk Square from Red Square to the Kremlin Embarkment, Red Square from the Kremlin Pass, Voskresenskie Vorota Pass to Vasilievskiy Spusk Square, Voskresenskie Vorota Pass (Historic Pass), Kremlin Pass from Red Square to Manezhnaya Square, in accordance with the Festival organization scheme approved by the organizers for the dates of the Festival events and shows.

  2. To ensure the implementation of the sanitary and epidemiological guidelines issued by the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing of the Moscow city, legal acts issued by the Mayor of Moscow and Moscow executive agencies aimed at preventing the spreading of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the Festival Organizer reserves the right to introduce on the territory of the 2021 Festival restrictive measures guaranteeing the epidemiological safety (PPE-wearing, social distancing, body temperature checking at the entrance and others).
  3. To ensure the implementation of the requirements of Order № 68-УМ of 08.06.2020 on «Stages of Relaxing Restrictions Set Following the Introduction of High Alert Regime» issued by the Mayor of Moscow, the seating arrangement on the stands will be organized according to rule of using less than 50%of the stands’ complex full visitor capacity. In case this requirement is cancelled or modified the Festival Organizer reserves the right to modify the seating arrangement moving visitors to other seats of the same price category.
  4. Following Order № 68-УМ of 08.06.2020 on «Stages of Relaxing Restrictions Set Following the Introduction of High Alert Regime» issued by the Mayor of Moscow, everyone will be admitted to the Spasskaya Tower Festival territory only on presenting the QR code received in accordance with the above mentioned Order issued by the Mayor of Moscow (hereinafter QR code) and a document confirming the person’s ID. For the detailed information about ways of receiving the QR code visit website.
  5. Everyone (including guests under 18 years old) will be admitted to the territory of the Festival only after undergoing the procedure of non-contact thermometry carried out by the organizer’s authorized representatives (the body temperature should not exceed 37,1 degrees).
  6. Visitors under 18 years old will be able to visit the Festival shows without presenting a QR code but only if accompanied by the parents or other legal representatives who have undergone the QR code checking and non-contact thermometry procedures.
  7. Admission of Visitors to the territory of the Festival will be carried out only if all the following conditions are met
    • the person presents to the organizer’s authorized representatives his/her QR code and an ID document;
    • the person’s initials (the first letters of the name, surname and middle name) and date of birth contained in the QR code match the data contained in the ID document;
    • results of the non-contact thermometry procedure confirm that the person’s body temperature does not exceed 37,1 degrees.
  8. Usage of personal protective equipment or PPE (protective masks) and observing social distance (not less than 1,5 m) on the territory of Festival is mandatory.
  9. The Festival organizers (and its authorized representatives) reserve the right to deny access to the territory of the Festival (remove from the territory of the Festival) those who do not have the QR codes and/or documents identifying their ID, and/or having high body temperature (exceeding 37.1 degrees C), and/or not using protective masks, and/or not observing social distance rules, and/or having visual symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, running nose, weakness).
  10. Program of the Festival events and program of the Festival shows are published on the Festival official website. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to modify and/or make amendments to the above-mentioned programs.
  11. During dates of the Festival the events of the Festival are carried out daily on the territory of the Festival from 10am to 4pm (except for the dates of the Festival daytime shows). After 4pm the territory of the Festival is closed for everyone except for the people with the Festival accreditation.
  12. Admittance to the Festival shows is carried out only by tickets in accordance with the present Rules and legal acts of the Russian Federation Law.
  13. Tickets for the Festival may be acquired only via the official website of the Festival, and with the representatives authorized (accredited) by the Festival Organizer (for the list of the authorized (accredited) representatives and related information please visit the Festival official website).
  14. Third parties (not authorized (accredited) by the Festival Organizer) selling tickets to the Festival is considered illegal and contradicts the Article 52.1 of the fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning culture.
  15. The Festival Organizer is not responsible for the tickets acquired from not authorized (accredited) representatives. In case of dubious situations, the Festival Organizer reserves the right to deny the access to or remove from the show the visitor who acquired the ticket from not authorized (accredited) representatives without cost reimbursement. We recommend to keep your cash voucher to resolve such disputes.
  16. Owner of the ticket is responsible for keeping the ticket safe and preventing it from copying and/or other forms of replication. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to deny the access to the show in case it doubts the authenticity of the ticket and its elements.
  17. When acquiring tickets for the Festival, the visitor commits himself/herself to comply with the public order rules on the territory of the Festival as well as the present Rules. Material damage caused to the Festival Organizer by the visitor must be reimbursed in accordance with the Russian Federation Law.
  18. Each ticket is valid for one person and grants the visitor one-time entrance to the Festival show on the date and time mentioned in the tickets.
  19. Children under 14 are allowed to the show only if accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 6 (including) may visit the Festival show for free only if accompanied by an adult (one child for one person) and without occupying a separate seat. Admittance to the Festival show of children from the age of 7 is carried out only by tickets.
  20. Visitors must keep the ticket until the end of the show and show them immediately at the request of the Festival Organizer.
  21. Tickets with modifications made are not valid. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to deny the access to the Festival show or remove from the show the visitor with a modified ticket without cost reimbursement.
  22. Entrances to the Festival territory to attend the daytime or evening Festival shows start two hours before the show from the Historical Museum side, from Nikolskaya street (Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploschad Revolutsii metro stations) and Ilyinka street (Ploschad Revolutsuii, Kitay-Gorod metro stations).
  23. The Festival Organizer kindly asks all the visitors to arrive in advance. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to deny the access to the Festival stands’ complex after the show has begun without cost reimbursement.
  24. During the Festival show all mobile devices should be switched off or put into a silent mode.
  25. During the Festival shows visitors are not allowed to:
    • use flashes, tripods and large photo lens equipment;
    • leave the seat, carry out filming and photo-shooting standing in the passages and/or in front of the seats.
  26. To grant the copyright and other related rights any professional (using the professional equipment) audio, photo and video shooting is not allowed unless there is a special permittance issued by the Festival Organizer.
  27. Visitors who have left the territory of the Festival before the end of the show are not allowed back on the territory of the Festival.
  28. We would like to draw your attention that the Article 20 of the Rules and Regulations of holding and organizing massed cultural, entertaining, sports and advertising events in the city of Moscow (validated by the order of the Mayor of Moscow of 05.10.2000 N. 1054-PM (last edited on 30.08.2016)) it is PROHIBITED TO:
    • Bring the following articles into the territory of the Festival — weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, hazardous and radioactive items, knives, suitcases, backpacks, big bags and parcels, glass and other items that might compromise public/audience safety or normal course of the event;
    • Smoke on the territory of the Festival;
    • Drink alcohol beverages/or be in condition of intoxication on the territory of the Festival as it affronts human dignity and public morality;
    • Throw away items on the stands, stage and other territories of the Festival, as well as commit other actions compromising the normal course of the event;
    • Shout out or commit actions affronting human dignity of the event participants and audiences as well as public morality;
    • Stand in passages and staircases during the holding of the event, hamper movements of the event participants, climb up fences, parapets, lighting devices, filming platforms, trees, masts, roofs, and supporting constructions, damage equipment, decorations and other elements, and green plantings;
    • Enter without the Festival Organizers permission the stage, fitting and makeup rooms of the event participants as well as other service and equipment rooms of the event grounds;
    • Bring animals into the territory of the Festival;
    • Carry out any trade activities, write or placard any kind of ads, posters or other items with information content without the written permission of the Festival Organizers;
    • Wear and demonstrate any insignia or other symbols aimed at inciting any race, social, national and religious discord.
  29. Violation of any of the rules and regulations mentioned in the Article 20 of the present Rules entails administrative liability under the Administrative Code of the city of Moscow.
  30. Individuals violating the present Rules would be removed from the territory of the Festival, when attending the Festival shows without cost reimbursement.

*  The current version of the Festival Visiting Rules is the one currently published on the Festival official website below the link All previous versions of the Festival Visiting Rules (differing from the current version) are no longer valid and not to be applied. Jump up.

Rules of Visiting the Festival Shows by E-Tickets

Visitors acquiring the Festival e-tickets are admitted to the Festival shows on presenting the printed e-tickets for the show.

The printed e-ticket shall be in the A4 format, and shall contain all the information, which is available in the electronic version of the ticket. The e-ticket shall remain unchanged until the end of the event.

The e-ticket file and/or printed e-tickets for the Festival show shall be unchanged until the end of the show and should be presented immediately if required by the Festival Organizers and its representatives.

In case the e-ticket and/or printed e-ticket lacks the complete and reliable information, the Festival Organizer reserves the right to deny the access to or remove the visitor from the territory of the show without cost reimbursement.