Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival

Information for Non-Russian participants

Information for foreign participants

Official host organization

Official host organization of military bands is the Foreign relations department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Official host organization of civil bands is the Directorate of the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”.

Obligations of the host organisation

The Russian side bears all costs associated with the presence of foreign participants of the Festival on the territory of the Russian Federation (only in Moscow): Meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation, meals, payment for visas and medical insurance, cultural program, transfers around Moscow.

The Air-flight of participants of the festival in Moscow and back is provided by the invited party (band).

Dates of visit

Arrival to Moscow: 20–21th August 2024;
Departure from Moscow: 2th September 2024

Visa support

The processing and issuing of visas for visiting military units and teams in their country’s regional Russian Consulate will be organized by the Russian side. For registration of applications for visas information about the members of foreign military delegations is required. It should contain: name and surname of the soldier, № of his passport, nationality, date of birth, place of service.

  • Passport validity must be at least 6 months at the time of the deadline for visas (March 3, 2025).
  • The passport must have at least one free page for visa allocation.

All consular fees for the visas are paid by the Russian side.

The legal status of visiting military personnel

The Legal Status of the invited foreign military personnel will be considered under customs and rules of the modern diplomatic practice. Therefore, they will be given single entry business visas (type B-1).

Procedure for arms and ammunition import

In order to issue permits for the import / export of arms and ammunition to foreign military personnel on the territory of the Russian Federation the party should provide information, which contains: name and surname of the soldier, the type (brand) of the weapons unit, the number and caliber of the weapons, the amount of ammo for each imported weapon.

Procedure for storing arms and ammunition

Imported arms and ammunition can be stored in the embassy and in the military commandant of the city of Moscow and special rooms of the Presidential Regiment (Moscow Kremlin).


The Russian side undertakes to ensure the accommodation of participants of the Festival in the hotels category no lower than 3*.
(Hotel «SALUT», Moscow, Leninski Prospekt, 158)


All participants are provided with three hot meals, as well as certain adequate nutrition during rehearsals and other events of the Festival.

Storage of musical instruments and equipment

The host country provides the proper conditions for storage of large musical instruments, uniforms and costumes (if necessary) of the participants of the Festival near to the event grounds.

Cultural Program

Each delegation will be presented with a diverse cultural program. Its specific content is currently under development.

Timing of the Performance

The timing of the performance of each participant in the festival program cannot exceed 6 minutes (this parameter is preferred and is not a severe restriction). The performances of the arriving bands take place on a venue of 30×80 meters.

Obligations of the Parties

The terms of the guests’ participation in the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” 2024, Russian Federation, Moscow as well as the mutual obligations of the parties and participants are stated in the official contract.

Required information from participant

The festival organizers are grateful for the assistance in the expeditious receipt of the following information:

  • contact person in the military unit or creative team, responsible for all operational issues associated with the organization of the visit of the team in Moscow;
  • the exact name of the military unit / creative team, traveling from your country, emblem or logo of band in electronic form, photos of the military unit in dress uniform, short videos and materials on the history of the military unit and its direction, Internet address representing the band. This information will be used in the official booklet and on the website of the Festival, as well as elements of design and printing promotional materials that accompany the festival;
  • special requirements or issues in terms of organizing the visit of the delegation to Moscow and the participants of the festival program.

List of required information

Used for promotion:

  1. Full official name of the group.
  2. Full name and rank of the head of the Band.
  3. Text on the history and bands activities, performances at home and abroad.
  4. The musical program of the bands performance (the names of Muses, musical works, composers, brief description of the act).
  5. Photos in “.tiff” format (as an exception to a large and high quality “.jpg”) image resolution preferably 300 dpi, preferably A3 size.
    Photos will be used in the printing production of the festival and outdoor advertising.
  6. Video recordings of performances of the team.
  7. Recordings (for posting on the official site of the festival) — mp3 format.