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9 June 2024

Sounds of Strauss Viennese Waltzes and Russian Popular Hits Welcomed Everyone Coming to Moscow’s Vorontsovo Mansion Park

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This Sunday, June 9, the Military Band of the 27th Sevastopol Motorized Rifle Brigade became part of the eighth season of the Military Bands in the City Parks. Musicians staged an electrifying performance in Mocow’s Vorontsovo Mansion Park where sounds of world’s renowned classics made way for the vibrant music hits.

It’s been another music weekend in Moscow spent together with the Military Bands in the City Parks participants. This time musicians’ opted for a program featuring both pieces associated with a classic military band’s performance and popular songs. Everyone coming to the Vorontsovo Mansion park was able to find something to their preferences even the youngest guests.

Viennese waltzes by Johann Strauss, the light and frenetic Radetzky March, the iconic Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade symphonic suite as well as sophisticated Ernest Kurt’s Polka gave way to the alluring Scent of a Woman tango and a plethora of Russian pop music hits in the band’s unique vibrant interpretation.

Thus, with music and dancing, the concert was just spectacular.

“We are very happy to perform today and be part of the Military Bands in the City Parks. This project gives guests and residents of Moscow an opportunity to enjoy quality music performed by true professionals. We hope that everyone coming today has witnessed that a military band is not just about marches and anthems. We are open and do step out of the box. We are looking forward to meeting you all both during the summer season and on Red Square at the Spasskaya Tower Festival” , commented Lieutenant of the Guard Daniil Myasnikov, Head of the Band.

With the ongoing support of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Organizing Committee of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo continues its efforts to revive one of the most charming traditions of the past, with military bands performing in parks and gardens, streets and alleys, and other iconic spots in Moscow and its environs.

Throughout the summer, enchanting wind melodies will engulf parks and gardens in Moscow and its environs, paving the way for the Sixteenth Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo that will unfold on Red Square from August 23 to September 1.