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1 August 2022

The Band and Honor Guard Unit of the Belarus Armed Forces Prepared a Special Performance for the Spasskaya Tower Festival’s Anniversary Run

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From August 26 till September 4 Moscow’s Red Square will be hosting the fifteenth anniversary run of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo. This year, the cobblestones of the country’s most famous square will once again welcome the Exemplary Band and Honor Guard Unit of the Armed Forces of the Belarus Republic, who are to bring us a new outstanding program.

Founded in 1950, the Exemplary Band of the Armed Forces of the Belarus Republic is currently the leading military music ensemble in the country. The band’s repertoire includes over 500 music pieces, featuring both classical and contemporary compositions. The ensemble is a permanent participant in military parades, different social and cultural events, as well as various radio and TV shows. It regularly tours the country and abroad. Colonel Igor Khlebus and Colonel Maxim Kochetkov, Head and Chief Conductor of the Band, respectively, devote considerable attention to the ensemble’s artistic development, with musicians continuously getting the hang of new music compositions and mastering their skills.

The military band from Belarus is extremely popular among its admirers, particularly due to its exquisite open-air drill ground or platz concerts with solo, ensemble, and orchestra performances. This year, the Exemplary Band, together with the Honor Guard Unit, have prepared a special open-air drill ground performance with a plethora of new elements.

The Honor Guard Unit of the Belarus Armed Forces was formed in 1995 to accompany arrival and departure ceremonies featuring leaders of foreign states and governments, high-profile officials, and delegations. Members of the unit also take part in different state official events on a regular basis. Led by Captain Kirill Korchinsky, the Honor Gurad Unit is a distinguished hallmark of Belarus that gracefully represents its country both at home and abroad, with successful performances in Russia, France, Venezuela, Poland, Qatar, UAE, and China as proof.

This year, 40 members of the unit will step onto the cobblestones of Red Square to once again wow the Spasskaya Tower Festival audiences with stunning arms and regrouping skills mastered and synchronized to perfection. Each and every performance is a breathtaking show full of unexpected surprises. This time, along the already familiar elements, guests of the Festival will witness several new figures. For example, the «Sun» symbolizes the state emblem of the Republic of Belarus, where the basis of the coat of arms is the image of the earth and the rising sun, which, in turn, symbolizes the inseparable innate connection of Belarus with the world community. Meanwhile, the “Wave” represents the strong will, steadfastness, and exceptional determination of the Belarusian people.

Besides, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Spasskaya Tower Military Tattoo, our guests from Belarus have prepared a special surprise that they will present to those attending evening shows of the Festival.