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13 April 2020

Philanthropist Day: Friends and Partners of the Spasskaya Tower Festival

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Marking the Philanthropist and Benefactor Day, we would like to honor and express gratitude to the friends and partners of our Festival for all their great deeds and inexhaustible desire to make the world a better place.

— Rostec State Corporation pays significant attention to addressing social issues. As a responsible company, it is engaged in carrying out a big variety of social and beneficial programs, annually supports important social projects on the federal level, facilitates the development of culture, science and education as well as propagation of a healthy lifestyle. Along with big sportive events, Rostec is engaged in promoting and organizing children and youth sports competitions.

— Rosoboronexport Company is largely engaged in various beneficial and sponsorship projects both in Russia and abroad, targeting Russian military medical centers, military history museums, children and youth educational institutions, big sportive events and different sports federations such as hockey and alpinism. Besides, the company provides targeted assistance to the war veterans and families of the fallen military men.

— A ranking place in Transneft activity is given to charitable sponsor activities, carrying out campaigns in support of culture, science and education, physical culture and sports, healthy lifestyle promotion, protection and reconditioning of monuments of the Russian history. Special attention is paid by Transneft to World War II veterans, internationalist soldiers, Chernobyl accident liquidators and other citizens having performed their military and patriotic duties.

— Founded back in 1993 the LUKOIL Charity Fund dedicates its primary attention to numerous social and charitable projects targeting education, medical and religious institutions, museums, theaters, creative and sports teams, orphanages, war and labor veterans. It’s worth noting the company’s special project of developing illustrated books for small children with vision deficiencies called «Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children». Besides LUKOIL devotes much of its attention the Russian sports, working hard to implement social programs both in professional and mass sports as well as to promote development of children’s sports in Russia. For several years LUKOIL brings children from various children institutions to take part in the Spasskaya Tower for Kids project as well as organizes its own activities at the Children Playground on Red Square. thus, in 2019 the company held the Football Day providing guests of the playground the opportunity to play football with the Spartak young players.

— As a socially responsible company, PhosAgro carries out social and beneficial projects targeting education, medicine, youth policy, children and professional sports. Since 2003 the company is engaged in carrying out its unique educational program called the Educated and Healthy Children of Russia or DROZD. Through DROZD, the Company promotes education at all levels — from pre-school to higher professional education, as well as provides job places for graduates within its structural branches. The Company is engaged in the complex reconstruction of industrial museums, city and war monuments. Besides it supports non-commercial organization oriented at the sports and tourism development, propagation of the healthy lifestyle and providing targeted assistance to the vulnerable categories of people.

— JSC RZD is largely engaged in various beneficial and sponsorship activities providing assistance to different categories of people and organizations. Thus, it bears expenses of the high cost medical assistance provided to children whose families are in difficult life situations, supports children hospice as well as activities of the «Spread the Wings» Charity Fund. Besides every year marking the Railroad Man Professional Day the company holds charity runs in various cities across Russia. All the funds raised are given to charity organizations to assist severely ill children who are in need of highly sophisticated treatment.