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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival

The Band and Honor Unit of the National Guard of the Kazakhstan Republic


The Exemplary Band of the National Guard of the Kazakhstan Republic

Lieutenant Colonel Mukhamediyarov Askhat Marlenovich, Head of the Military Band Center of the Kazakhstan National Guard.

First Lieutenant Zhaudinov Torekhan Kusainovich, Head of the Exemplary Military Band of the Kazakhstan National Guard.

Established in 1965, the Exemplary Band is the leading artistic ensemble of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professional musicians, they daily devote themselves to military service and music.

Since its inception the band has been an important part of the Kazakhstan National Guard. It has taken an active part in various state official events, including solemn occasions with the participation of the Head of State — Commander-in-Chief of the Kazakhstan Armed Forces.

The group participated in different international wind bands festivals, including the Wind of Astana and Pipe of Peace in Nur-Sultan (2013–2018; 2015, 2017, respectively), the Amur Waves Military Tattoo in Khabarovsk (2015, 2018), the Kazan Fanfares (2017), Vivat Saint-Petersburg (2017) and the festival devoted to the celebration of the Yekaterinburg City Day (2018).

Diverse in its character, the ensemble’s repertoire features compositions by national and foreign authors. Along with traditional military and ceremonial songs, musicians perform classical, traditional Kazakh and popular music pieces. Specializing in open-air drill ground or platz concerts and defiles, the band always transforms their performances in amazing shows full of bright colors and vibrant rhythms.

Since 2012 the National Guard of the Kazakhstan Republic has been carrying out the annual Military Pipe International Military Music Festival with the participation of foreign and national military bands.

The Honor Unit of the National Guard of the Kazakhstan Republic

Captain Bekjan Sataev, Commander of the Unit.

Formed in 2015, the Kazakhstan National Guard Unit is engaged in various official solemn events held at the national and international levels with the participation of the heads of states, governments and foreign delegations.

Years of performances of the collective: