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The International Irish Dance Team


The International Irish Dance Team

Artistic Head — Maria Zotko.

Choreographer — Darya Markosyan.

The International Irish Dance Team which includes Irish dancers from Russia, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic has been specially formed to perform at the “Spasskaya Tower” Festival. The group also includes four musicians who play the accordion, keyboard, flute and guitar.

The artistic head of the group is Maria Zotko who as a choreographer and dancer has already presented several performances during the past Festivals. In 2016 and 2017 Maria Zotko gathered together the International Scottish Highland Dance Team to perform along the Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums during the “Spasskaya Tower” Festival.

The choreographer of the team is Darya Markosyan who is a certified Irish dance teacher (TCRG) registered with the Irish Dancing commission, head of the renowned Carey Academy branches in Russia and Israel. Her dancers became numerous champions and world qualifiers at regional level, including winning the Mainland European Championship.

At the 2018 “Spasskaya Tower” Festival the International Irish Dance Team will stage a performance specially prepared for the Festival which bears the name “Claddagh Dreams”.

Claddagh is an Irish village in the Galway County, one of the oldest fishermen places in Ireland. It is the birth place of the first Claddagh rings which are shaped as a pair of hands holding a crowned heart. These rings are famous all around the world and symbolize love, friendship and loyalty. A beautiful legend tells us about a jewelry maker who was taken captive by the Moors and spent many years out of his native land, but his fiancé was waiting for him for all those years. Then he managed to return to Claddagh he made the first rings of that type.

Years of performances of the collective: