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The International Celtic Dance Team


The International Celtic Dance Team

Maria Zotko, Artistic Director.

Darya Markosyan, Nina Mesheryakova, Head of the Group.

Darya Markosyan, Elza Smolyakova, Nina Mesheryakova, Choreographer.

The International Celtic Dance Team features 48 dancers from all over the world. Coming from Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, the Czech Republic and even South Africa, they unite Irish and Highland dance on one stage.

A certified Irish dance teacher (TCRG) registered with the Irish Dance Commission, head of the renowned Carey Academy branches in Russia and Israel, Darya Markosyan is the one to create and compose the beautiful swirl of movements presented by the group. Her students have become champions and prize-winners of various competitions at the regional level, including the Mainland European Championship.

It’s been Darya who signed the choreography of the performance for the 2019 Spasskaya Tower Festival. She is accompanied by Elza Smolyakova, a certified Highland dance teacher (UKA Highland Branch, associate), choreographer of the Brave Scots dance show, and Nina Mesheryakova, prize-winners of international competitions and founder of the Brave Scots dance team.

In 2019 the International Celtic Dance Team will perform together with the International Celtic Pipes and Drums. They will present a breathtaking Celtic Energy performance. Based on traditional Irish and Highland dances, it will take the audience into the amazing world of rhythms, precise movements, and vigorous melodies.

Years of performances of the collective: