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28 August 2017

Mireille Mathieu declared her love to the audience of «Spasskaya Tower» Festival

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Today Mireille Mathieu, a legendary French singer, triumphed with her last show at the «Spasskaya Tower» Festival.

Our favorite singer came to perform at the anniversary Festival «Spasskaya Tower». She performed at the Red Square four days in a row, including pre-premiere screening on the 25th of August. The audience enjoyed her famous songs accompanied by the leading Russian military orchestras.

The day when Mireille left Moscow was cold and windy. However the bad weather did not stop the singer from entering the «main stage» of the country - the cobblestone of the Red Square - in an elegant black dress, without an umbrella, and immediately charm the audience with her unique voice and a genuine French charm. The spectators tried to make it up for adverse weather conditions by warm cheers and a swelling tide of gratitude.

«Thank you so much, Mireille Mathieu! It’s a true deed to sing in such a weather, and  sing in a way that the audience is overwhelmed with emotions, - say Mrs. and Ms. Nikiforovy, who came to the Festival from Saint Petersburg, - she looks strong and fragile at the same time, she is a great professional!»

Mireille Mathieu is always welcome at the Red Square. Since 2009 she has been an honored guest of the International Military Music Festival «Spasskaya Tower», its friend and a lucky charm. This is why this year she dedicated one of her songs to Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov, the first musical director of the Festival, Honored Artist of Russia, who died on the 25th of December 2016. In his memory Mireille Mathieu performed a song «Vechnaya Lyubov» («Eternal Love»). A powerful singing voice and thousands of lights at the spectators stands demonstrated a profound respect and heartfelt thanks to this great musicians and person.

Mireille Mathieu together with a Russian singer Zara also performed a song «Sous le Ciel de Paris». As it happens every year, the audience didn’t want to let Mireille Mathieu go from the Red Square without singing as an encore. «Ochi Chyornye» («Black Eyes») a cappella was the final present to «Spasskya Tower» spectators. Even though it was raining on the 28th of August the spectators stands were full. One of the honored guests of the Festival was Nebojša Stefanović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, with his wife Anna Stefanović.

Organizers and participants of the anniversary «Spasskaya Tower» Festival give special thanks to all the spectators for their warm welcome in such a cold weather.