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14 November 2019

The Spasskaya Tower Festival and Russian Seasons Cultural Project Signed a Cooperation Agreement

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November 14, the Eighth Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum hosted the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on arts and culture between the Spasskaya Tower International Cultural Center and the Russian Seasons International Cultural Project.

The document was signed by Mr. Alexey LEBEDEV, Director of the Russian Seasons International Cultural Project Autonomous Noncommercial Organization, and Mr. Sergey SMIRNOV, Head of the Spasskaya Tower International Cultural Center Autonomous Noncommercial Organization.

“The agreement that we’ve signed today aims at joint organization of various art and cultural events both in Russia and abroad. They will be carried out within the projects implemented by the Russian Seasons Project and the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo”, noted Mr. Alexey LEBEDEV.

Thus, the parties to the agreement are planning on arranging abroad (within the Russian Seasons project) a series of concerts by the Russian ensembles, participants of the Spasskaya Tower Festival. Meanwhile, bands, solo singers and other artists from the countries hosting the Russian Seasons events are to be invited to become part of the Spasskaya Tower Festival activities.

“The bilateral agreement between the Spasskaya Tower Festival and the Russian Seasons International Cultural Project is designed to bridge cultural and educational gaps that exist between Russia and foreign countries, promote Russian culture all around the world as well as strengthen the positive image of our country far beyond its borders. We are very glad that now we have one more chance to introduce traditions of the Russian military music to our foreign friends. And we will do this together with the Russian Seasons International Cultural Project”, highlighted Mr. Sergey SMIRNOV.

For Information

Every year the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival crowns the end of the summer season in Moscow.

Held by the order of the Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Festival is supervised by the Public Council headed by Alexander Zhukov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Over the twelve years of its history, the Spasskaya Tower Military Tattoo welcomed more than 160 artistic groups from 54 countries and secured its right to be among the top three such venues on par with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, held in Scotland since 1950, and Basel Military Tattoo, held in Switzerland since 2006.

One of the largest international cultural events in Russia, the Festival has no peers in terms of scope, content, and effect produced.

The geographical footprint of the Festival already spans all corners of the globe. In 2019 Moscow’s Red Square gave a warm welcome to 30 ensembles from 12 countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, the DPR of Korea, Norway, the Korean Republic, Russia, Turkey, and Japan, as well to the International Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums, and the International Celtic Dance Team.

The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival is well-famous for its evening shows featuring some of the best Russian and foreign military bands and artistic groups as well as the most excellent honor guard units supported by the fine 3D mapping, strong theatrical performances and magnificent fireworks.
Besides its main program, the Spasskaya Tower Tattoo features a plethora of complementary activities and special projects including the Marching Parade of the Festival’s participants on VDNH and their performances in Moscow’s parks, gardens and railway stations.

The Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo is popular among all categories of audiences. The audiences of the Festival’s night shows alone score annually more than 90,000 people. All in all, more than half a million Muscovites and guests of the capital attend events executed by the Festival’s Directorate.

The Russian Seasons International Cultural Project is a major project aimed at introducing the finest pieces of the Russian culture to audience all around the globe.

More than 400 events are scheduled as part of the 2019 run of the festival that will be held in 80 cities of Germany until the end of 2019: exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts of symphony music, ballets, cinema projects, tours of the leading folk groups, circus and art festivals. There are over 80 institutions of culture among the participants of the Russian Seasons in Germany this year.

In 2017 the Russian Seasons were hosted by Japan. Uniting over 250 events in 40 cities, the festival was a tremendous success. While in 2018 the project was conquering the hearts of the Italian audiences. More than 310 events were held in 74 cities with the six million audience scope.