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7 September 2017

Presidential Orchestra to take part in the “Spasskaya Tower on Sakhalin” Festival for the first time

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Tomorrow, on September 8, the Square of Glory of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will host the solemn opening ceremony of the IV International Military Musical Festival «Spasskaya Tower on Sakhalin».

Then the musicians will take part in the Procession, which will take place along Gorky Street from the Glory Square to the Victory Square, where a concert of military orchestras participating in the Festival will be held.

«The Presidential Orchestra of the Service of the Moscow Kremlin Commandant of Russia’s FGS, together with the Special Guard Command of the Presidential Regiment, will visit us for the first time," said director of the Sakhalin Philharmonic Ilya Aleksandrov. «Their performance is always an interesting musical show!»

The Presidential Orchestra of the Moscow Kremlin Commandant Service of Russia’s FGS founded in 1938, is the main band for the conduct of official ceremonies and receptions with the participation of high-ranking guests: heads of states, governments and diplomatic delegations.

Deputy Chief of the Orchestra, Conductor of the Orchestra, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Colonel Yevgeny Nikitin, told us about the program that the musicians of the Presidential Orchestra prepared for the residents and guests of Sakhalin: «As a basis for our performance, we took the musical accompaniment of the foot-borne part of the Ceremonial Mount of the Foot-Borne and Horse Guards of the Presidential regiment, which takes place every year from April to October every Saturday on the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. The musicians will also take part in the performance of the composite orchestra. We have prepared a concert program to perform in the open areas of the city separately for the residents and guests of the island region.»