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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
24 August 2017

Winners of Festival Draw

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In August, apart from updating our subscribers in the social media networks on the latest Festival news, we organized interesting contests for them in collaboration with our sponsors.

Winners received 48 free tickets in total, as well as other prizes.

Photo contest #СБашнейВПарке. In summer our spectators visited the concerts of the project «Military Orchestras in Parks», made photos and shared them at their local media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Here is the list of the winners:

1) Anastasia Puzyryova (Instagram);

2) Kenia Gubkina (Instagram);

3) Pavel Kulinich (Facebook);

4) Daria Pis’menyuk (VK);

5) Irina Belen’kaya (VK);

6) Anna Petrovich (VK);

7) Maria Utlyakova (VK);

8) Valeria (Instagram);

9) Marina Aksyonova (Facebook);

10) Ekaterina Dolina (Instagram);

11) Pavel Pogorelov (VK).

Contest «Win tickets to the Spasskaya Tower» was launched at Vk social network. The subscribers shared their dreams and stories, connected with the Festival, and the winners are:

1) Olga Gromova;

2) Maria Sikachyova;

3) Elena Logunova;

4) Dasha Shalygina;

5) Ekaterina Timoshenko.

We have prepared a special contest for Instagram together with Land Rover. The subscribers published their most extreme photos with #вритмеJLR hashtag, and Land Rover representatives chose three winners:

1) @lirslens

2) @kudri23

3) @alexander.s.kuzmin

In collaboration with VTB Bank we have prepared a contest for experts in Moscow history. The winners were the ones who gave correct and fast answers, they received special prizes from VTB:

1) Daria Voronkova;

2) Sandra Yakushina;

3) Ri Bakanovskaya.

With support of «Snezhana» meat factory a family contest was launched. Tasty prizes and tickets were given to:

1) @tanyreshetnikova

2) @lepula

3) @talisman14

4) @rakhmaninatatiana

5) @artyomowamasha