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29 July 2017

“Full House” at the Concert in the Park!

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On Saturday, July 29, a concert of the Honour Band of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia took place at the Vorontsovo Estate in the south-west of the capital.

The performance of the music band of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was held within the framework of the Military Orchestras in Parks concert series, which precede the International Festival Spasskaya Tower. Despite the thirty-degree heat, numerous spectators of all ages came to listen to music performed by the brass band. For musicians, however, the sun is only an ordinary employment-related circumstance.

«Rain or shine, our brass band orchestra gave music for happiness, putting its heart to the performance." These are the words of a well-known song of the 80’s by the composer P. Aedonitsky to the poem of I. Romanovsky, so we tried to put our heart in the playing today, and we got an incredible response and support of the «hall," says the conductor, captain Alexander Bychkov.

A spacious green glade of the cosy Vorontsovsky park was used as an impromptu summer performance stage for musicians, an auditorium and a dance floor for the audience that made the atmosphere of the concert quite informal and friendly. And through the grass is not too smooth for adults to waltz, but the kids felt themselves on the natural dance floor more than freely.

«There were a lot of parents with children at the concert today, and we, of course, enjoyed playing «Smile», «Kazachok», «Quadrille», which it is difficult to keep quiet with," the conductor Alexander Bychkov adds. «But the kids move not less willingly with the famous military marches, you have seen — they walk with genuine enthusiasm, like brave soldiers, all because these sounds are themselves setting the mood and nature of the movements, and kids feel and reflect it intuitively.»

«My Dear Capital», «Three Tankers», «Katyusha», «In the City Garden», «Sevastopol Waltz» and other favourite songs were performed by the musicians of the Orchestra of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Vorontsovsky Park. So, it was difficult for listeners to answer the question: «Did you like something especially?»

«You know, all the tunes are beautiful," Olga Dudina, who came to Moscow to her children from Perm, shares her impressions with musicians. «In our family, and today we all are in the park, including our two-year-old grandson, we love folk and military songs, it’s our history! This music pleases, touches something inside of you, makes you proud of Russia, and it’s great that anyone can listen to it, like today in the park!»