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8 July 2017

And Music is Heard…Heard in any Weather!

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On Saturday, July 8, the Orchestra of the 27th Independent Guards Motor Rifle Brigade of the Military Unit 61899 performed in the Perovsky Park of the capital. The concert was held within the framework of the Military Orchestras in Parks series which precede the Spasskaya Tower International Festival.

It was evident that the Saturday’s weather on the Family Day did not promise the inhabitants of Moscow any pleasant walks in the open air, and the artists — numerous spectators. However, this did not prevent the Military Orchestra of the Military Unit 61899 from arriving to the Perovsky Park of the Eastern Administrative District of the capital at the appointed time.

«At first we had some doubts that the concert was going to take place, because it had been continuously raining since morning, and the park was almost empty at 4:00 p.m.," confesses the military conductor captain Oleg Tyshuk. «But the nature, like the military, does not have bad weather, and when we started performing around 05:00 p.m., the rain began to thin away and the spectators, on the contrary, started gathering, and as a result, one hour and a half — all in one breath — all are more than satisfied!»

Not only residents of the Perovo district and the neighbouring Novogireevo gathered to listen to the wonderful Military Orchestra of the Military Unit 61899. There were true fans of brass music among the audience, who closely follow the schedule of concerts of the Spasskaya Tower in the parks of Moscow and do not miss the opportunity to visit them absolutely in any weather.

«Clouds, rain, +14? It’s nothing! The main thing is that the guys play the music of our youth, and they play splendidly," the retiree Vladimir Nikolayevich, who came to Perovo from the Pechatniki district, speaks of the concert. «I come not only to listen, but also to dance, as upon retirement, I am engaged in historical dances and, it’s great to dance waltzes, polonaises and mazurkas, and just improvise with the music of brass bands!»

In the first part of the programme, popular tunes of the ever-young Soviet cinema, hits of ABBA and the Russian variety were performed on the bandshell of the Perovsky Park. In the second part of the concert, the audience got an unexpected surprise from the military orchestra — a bright musical performance from the Muzhykants cover band and a sparkling show of the Blastbeet drummers. The concluding chord of the performance of the 27th Independent Guards Motor Rifle Brigade Orchestra of the Military Unit 61899 was Vasily Agapkin’s march «Farewell of Slavianka», which has been a symbol of the Russian army for 105 years.