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15 July 2017

Timeless Melodies from the Legendary Orchestra!

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On Saturday, July 15, in the Bauman Garden, the country’s main ceremonial orchestra, the Military Orchestra of Guard of Honour, gave a concert.

One of the main professional tasks of the orchestra is the accompaniment of intergovernmental meetings and visits of top officials of foreign states to Russia.

«These musicians are the first whom all the guests of honour, who come to our country and descend on the plane’s gangway, see and hear," the conductor, captain Vladimir Petrov presented the ensemble to the audience in the Bauman Garden. «In all weather, in any season and time of day, our orchestra is ready to perform the anthem of the state where the delegation came from.»

However, the repertoire of the orchestra is much wider than the official solemn music. Everyone, who accidentally or intentionally got to the concert of the legendary band, held in the garden named after Bauman within the framework of the Military Orchestras in Parks concert series, which precede the International Festival Spasskaya Tower, became convinced.

The park programme that lasted one hour and a half included inspiring rhythms of famous marches, nostalgic melodies of waltzes, and favourite songs that passed through the years and generations, to which it is impossible not to sing along: «Moscow Windows», «Katyusha», «First of All, Planes», «Smuglyanka», «Song of Old Cabman», «Girls, Love Simple Romantics», «Moscow Nights», etc. Numerous young spectators, making as usual a capacity crowd on the dance floor, were especially pleased with the famous «Smile» by Vladimir Shainsky, and sports fans and not only they were inflamed with «The Magnificent Five and the Goalkeeper» by Aleksandra Pakhmutova.

«Musicians are of first class, the mood always rises after such music!» Nikolai Vasilyevich Gorin, who came to the Bauman Garden from the Kozhukhovo district, says. «My wife and I did not miss any performance of the brass band this summer — we were on the Poklonnaya Hill, in Sokolniki, in the Perovsky Park and others. Starting from 2013, we used to visit such concerts in the Alexander Garden, and now we did it all over Moscow, it’s wonderful!»

«This year we laid down to implement our long-planned plans," his spouse Elena Vladimirovna adds. «We plan to visit the Spasskaya Tower festival in the end of August and early September, we could not do that before. It is the tenth, anniversary in 2017! We hope to see this grandiose festival with our own eyes, and not on TV, as before!»