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6 September 2020

‘Song about the Soldier’ and Fireworks of the Great Victory: the Grand Finale of the One and Only Show of the 2020 Spasskaya Tower Festival

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Throughout the Spasskaya Tower Festival history the show’s grand finale have always featured a breathtaking performance by the Festival’s participants combined band. Though this year’s one and only show was unfolding on Sobornaya Square of the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, this beautiful tradition remained in place and the audiences once again witnessed the Festival combined band featuring some of the best military ensembles of Russia. Musicians performed Runov’s March of the Capital, Tchernetsky’s 1812 Overture and Tukhmanov’s Victory Day. Performance staged by Tamara Gverdtsiteli (singer and composer as well as People’s Artist of Russia and Georgia) was one of the major highlights of the wonderful celebration of music and art. Accompanied by the Festival participants’ combined band she performed ‘Song about the Soldier’ (music by v. Miguly, lyrics by M. Agashin).

Running like a scarlet thread, the ‘75 Years Since the War End’ production leading theme was preserved till the very end of the show. In the audio snippet from ‘Only ‘Old Men’ Are Going Into Battle’, popular Soviet and Russian movie, Squadron Captain Titarenko (performed by Leonid Bykov) says: “When the war ends we’ll return here, we who remain alive will walk through these places… And we’ll call for the best symphonic band wearing tailcoats. The conductor will make a step forward, I’ll approach him and tell: ‘Let them play for us!’ Or rather not, you know, I’ll do it myself. I’ll tell: ‘Beg your pardon, maestro, let me do it myself’”.

Sticking to another Festival tradition, the skies high above Sobornaya Square of the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces were coloured by spectacular fireworks. The fireworks show was performed in the colours of the Great Victory with red, gold and their hues prevailing.

“The fireworks were fired at the height of less than 140 meters. It was done on purpose for TV cameras to capture the show”, told Eva Rubenstein, Head of the Festival pyrotechnical team, adding that 560 pieces were fired in two minutes. “We’ve paid our special attention to the pattern”.

When the online broadcast was over Major General Timofey Mayakin, Head of the Band Military Service of the Russian Armed Forces — Chief Military Conductor and Festival Music Director, noted “Our Festival has become so popular that this live stream was an absolute must-have. Not only in Russia, but audiences all around the world were waiting for it. It’s been a pleasure for us to receive so many inspiring messages from our foreign colleagues. There’s no need saying that this year’s been very intense for everyone but thanks to the modern means of communication we’ve once again managed to come together albeit online. I’m very happy that thanks to the Russian Ministry of Defense and Festival Directorate we after all had a wonderful opportunity to show all the Spasskaya Tower Festival audiences in our country and around the world the results of the hard work done by the military bands, participants of this year’s run. Now I can affirm that the Thirteenth Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival has taken place”.