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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
6 September 2020

The 2020 Spasskaya Tower Fiesta Performed by the Suvorov Cadet Band, Headliners of the Festival

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The Band of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the first debuted its solo performance at the Spasskaya Tower Festival. Beginning with Tchernetsky’s ‘Salute to Moscow’, they went on performing the Russian songs’ medley, Alexandra Pakhmutova ‘Song about an Uneasy Youth’ as well as the song dedicated to the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Finally, the band’s show program featured a retro car of the Fire Guards driving through Sobornaya Square of the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces. The car’s weight is 1.5 tonnes.

The Kremlin Equestrian School presented its new program prepared especially for the 2020 Spasskaya Tower Festival. The school riders performed together with the Moscow Cossack Choir, prize-winner of various national and international festivals and contests. It was the time for vibrant sounds of traditional Cossacks songs to fill the air around the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.

When it came to the Central Military Band of the Russian Ministry of Defense, besides showing their exquisite performing skills musicians went on singing. Their performance featured various well-known war years songs including ‘Blue Scarf’ (music by E. Petersburskiy, lyrics by Ya. Galitsky and M. Maximov), ‘Let’s Smoke One More’ (music by M. Tabachnikov, lyrics by E. Dolmatovskiy), ‘Valenki’ (Russian popular song), ‘Three Tankmen’ (music by Pokrass brothers, lyrics by B. Laskin), ‘My Moscow’ (music by I. Dunaevsky, lyrics by M. Lisyanskiy and S. Agranyan) and others.

The prologue also featured several iconic phrases recorded by Yuriy Levitan, the primary Soviet radio announcer during and after WWII. Him announcing the German attack on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 was like a thunder strike to all the people around the USSR. ‘Nazi failing to take Moscow over’, ‘Leningrad blockade breakthrough’, ‘defeat of the Germans in the Battle of Stalingrad’, ‘liberation of Odessa and Sevastopol’ announcements were also heard on Sobornaya Square.

The Suvorov Cadet Band of the Moscow Military Music College named after Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov and Girl Drummers Band of the All-Girls Boarding School (of the Russian MoD) brought the house down as usual. Each Festival favourites, they performed the 2020 Spasskaya Tower Fiesta (D. Kulichkov), ‘Rio-Rita’ (E. Santeukhini, instrumental arrangement by E. Zobkov), ‘Wait for Me, and I’ll Come Back’ (music by K. Molchanov, instrumental arrangement by E. Zobkov), Lion King (Hans Zimmer, arranged by A. Shirokov). The young artists performed two songs being ‘It’s Time to Hit the Road’ (music by v. Soloviev-Sedoy, lyrics by S. Fogelson) and ‘Road to Berlin’ (music by M. Fradkin, lyrics by E. Dolmatovskiy, instrumental arrangement by S. Semushin).