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Strømsgodset Musikkorps


Strømsgodset Musikkorps

Torild Hafskjold, Conductor.

Drum Major Thomas Rønnerud, Marching Instructor.

Strømsgodset Musikkorps was founded in May 1912 in the city of Drammen by Nils Jansen, the Union Chairman of Gulskogen Cellulose Factory. At the beginning it featured only eight workers from the Cellulose Factory of Gulskogen and Paper Mill of Jarlsberg. Their very first concert the band performed on Easter Sunday 1913 in the Cellulose Factory acid tower, 25 meters above ground.

Since the 1950’s Strømsgodset Musikkorps has decided to increase its focus on marching skills.

Next decades Strømsgodset Musikkorps has spent further developing as a marching, show and entertaining band. Their goal has always been to entertain and fascinate the audience with catchy music, solid marching skills and exciting show-drills.

The band includes members of all ages with absolutely different levels of professional skills.

The band is the holder of numerous prizes and titles. Thus, it has five gold medals of the National Marching Championship. It has four times participated in the World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade Netherland winning a total of six gold medals and one silver medal. Moreover, it was the first band ever to achieve gold in all three marching contests the same year in WMC. Besides it has performed at tattoos and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.

Strømsgodset Musikkorps will for the first time take part in the Spasskaya Tower Festival. It will perform withing the Festival’s evening program from August 23 to 26.

Years of performances of the collective: