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Parades Platoon of the Hellenic General Staff


Historic Parades Platoon of the Hellenic General Staff

1st Lieutenant Karandinos Georgios, Head of the Historic Parades Platoon.

The platoon dressed in the historical uniforms was formed in 2021 to take part in the annual 25th March parade to celebrate the Greece Independence Day and mark 200 years from the Greek revolution.

The platoon includes eighteen cadets who march in historical uniforms thus realizing the cadets anthem lines that say: “What an honour to the brave youth when they enter the Academy and proudly wear a Cadet’s uniform”. Since its establishment, apart from distinguished officers, also renowned politicians and intellectuals have graduated from the Hellenic Army Academy.

Cadets, who march in the first row of three, wear uniforms of the years 1828–1834, which is considered the period of Kapodistrias. It is those who formed the foundations of the Army in the modern Greek State.

Cadets who pass in the second row of three are in uniforms which were worn in the years 1834–1852 during the first period of Ottο, when the cadets contributed to the establishment of the fundamental pillar of the State, the Constitution of the country.

In the third row there cadets wearing uniforms of the 1852–1864 period, the second period of Otto, in which the institution of the Army was established as the fundamental parameter of the state.

In the next row of three cadets pass wearing uniforms of the first period of George, in the years 1868–1880. It is the first form of the uniform which is worn in variations, and is still worn to this day. It is also the uniform which has been established in Greek perception and literature.

The next cadets wear uniforms of the 1914–1916 period, when Greece was doubled after the victorious Balkan Wars.

In the last row cadets march in uniforms of the 1946 — 1949 period, which have largely got the current form.

The eighteen cadets brought the verse of the cadets anthem to life: “The uniform which was honoured by so many other generations and laurelled by glorious figures of the past”.

Years of performances of the collective: