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Banda Monumental de Mexico


Artistic Group “Banda Monumental”

The Artistic Group “Banda Monumental” unites three groups and is a unique artistic project realized by the Cultural Organization of International Relations of Mexico.

Marching Band “Delfines”

Head of the Band — Jesus Emmanuel Mendoza.

It is the most famous and largest music band in Mexico. Throughout its history the band has achieved great awards nationally and internationally. The band consists of more than 300 musicians.
“Delfines” is a music group which performances are full of dynamics, rhythms, movements and colors. Versatility is a key characteristic of their repertoire which includes national as well as foreign compositions.

Dancing Company “Tenochtitlan”

Head of the Company — Saulo Romero.

The company was created in February 1988 in the Mexican city of Puebla. It is an independent artistic association. The company has made more than 150 international tours to Europe, Asia, Africa and America representing Mexico abroad. The company also has various prizes and awards of more than 200 international folklore festivals and contests.

Youth Mariachi Ensemble “Oro de Mexico”

The Founder and Head of the Ensemble — Cesar Romero.

Created in 1995 the ensemble is a remarkable artistic music association which preserves the national Mariachi traditions. Its performances are full of amazing melodies and sounds of traditional Mariachi music being an inseparable part of the Mexican culture.

Years of performances of the collective: