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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
5 June 2019

The 2019 Spasskaya Tower Festival is Bringing Pipes and Drums, Irish Jig and Highland Dance to Moscow

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For the fourth year in a row the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo is glad to welcome back the International Celtic Pipes and Drums as well as its leader and founder David Johnston. This time the band together with Maria Zotko’s International Highland and Irish Dance Team will present guests of the Festival with new and unique program.

Sixty-five pipers and drummers, a guitar player and a keyboardist from Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Holland, Russia, Switzerland and even Chili will come to Moscow this August.

Musicians will start their performance with exciting Music of Spey march followed by Star-Bust . Based on intricate regroupings and interchange of slow and quick melodies, the first part of the program will further feature Westering Home, Angus McKinnon and Makin Bayer Jordi marches.

The second part will start with now popular all around the world Kalinka song by Ivan Larionov. One of the pipers will sing it in Russian.

Finally, the cobblestone of Red Square will turn into a dance floor. Accompanied by vibrant Celtic melodies, the International Highland and Irish Dance Team will perform driving Irish, Highland and mix dances.

Blunter’s Katusha will become the final lick of the show.

“The International Celtic Pipes and Drums and Dancers will perform a ten minute exhilarating act on the Main Square of Russia showcasing our Celtic heritage in the form of Music, Song and Dance. A combination of Irish, Scottish and Russian tunes will be performed highlighting the Celtic connections between our countries. This will be a very fast moving act with lots of audience participation”, told David Johnston, adding that all the performers were looking immensely forward to being part of this world stage event.

Coming from all over the world, including Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, the Czech Republic and South Africa, dancers will present the Celtic Energy show, a new program created by choreographers Daria Markosyan and Abby Drysdale.

Maria Zotko, creative director of the project, noted that the Celtic Energy was a unique show uniting rhythms and melodies of Ireland and Scotland. “You will witness all the variety of the Celtic dance colors accompanied by the amazing pipes and drums team. We are looking forward to once again meeting all the guests of the Spasskaya Tower Festival”, she added.

Hence, the combined show of these two brilliant teams united by the rich and fascinating Celtic culture promises to be a true show stopper of the night.