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8 February 2018

Military Bands Will Return to Parks and Public Gardens of Moscow

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The Directorate of the Spasskaya Tower Military Music Festival and the Department of Culture of the Moscow Government has announced the dates for Military Bands in the Parks project in 2018.

The Spasskaya Tower Directorate with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow continues to bring back one of the most wonderful traditions — performances of military bands in parks and public gardens of Moscow.

The first open air concert of military musicians in 2018 will be held on May the 19th at the Alexander Garden just outside the Kremlin walls, to be followed by concerts every Saturday May to August.

As noted by Alexander Kibovsky, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, «This spectacular and truly beautiful project became a highlight of the cultural and social life of Moscow. The idea was suggested by the Moscovites themselves who asked us to bring back once popular performances of military bands in city parks on weekends. I am glad that Military Bands in the Parks project continues to live on and will be carried out in 2018 by the Government of Moscow and the Directorate of the Spasskaya Tower Festival».

Military Bands in the Parks project was first held in 2016 at VDNH, one of the best attractions of Moscow. Given the enthusiastic response by the audience, it was decided to held it annually. As soon as in 2017, the project grew in scale both as number of concerts and city venues which took part in the project.

«Summer 2017 in the Moscow parks was a celebration of wonderful music offered by the major military bands of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, Ministry for Emergencies and the Russian National Guard, all of them devoted participants of the Spasskaya Tower Military Music Festival. I am sure that the 2018 concerts at Moscow open air venues will help us to enhance this good tradition and to pass it on to the future generations. Music enables to keep history and to create, it brings joy and as no other means has ability to touch best parts of human souls. Military Bands in the Parks is designed to make it accessible to each and everyone," said Sergey Smirnov, Head of the Spasskaya Tower Directorate.

In 2018, the project will be joined by 13 parks and public gardens of Moscow. The closing ceremony will take place on August,18th at the Alexander garden, to pave the way to 10 days of the colourful show of the Spasskaya Tower Festival held August 24th-September 2nd 2018 on Red Square of Moscow.