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5 August 2017

Brass Band is Playing in the City Garden…

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On Saturday, August 5, within the framework of the Military Bands in Parks concert series, preceding the International Festival Spasskaya Tower, musicians of the Russian Guard troops had a brilliant performance in the Izmailovsky Park of Culture and Leisure.

The concert program was presented to numerous visitors of the Izmailovsky Park by the Combined Band of the F. E. Dzerzhinsky Independent Operational Purpose Division of the Russian Guard troops. The glorious history of the military musical ensemble has been taking count since 1921, and its current repertoire covers no less significant period. Pre-war waltzes, front-line songs, military marches, Soviet, Russian and foreign variety music, it is not an easy task to get everything that this wonderful Band is able to please the audience within a one-hour program. That is why many melodies were played in the potpourri format, although the performers still had to exceed the time limit to the audience’s joy.

«Today, the Band played with some special enthusiasm and this, of course, was seen," the inhabitants of Moscow Pavel Mikhailovich and Irina Aleksandrovna speak in the same breath. «We often visit similar concerts, and we missed no one Spasskaya Tower yet, this year we are also going to visit, because this grandiose festival surprises and impresses more and more over time!»

By the way, all those people, who had gathered in the Izmailovsky Park, had a unique chance to win tickets to the Spasskaya Tower Festival, for which it was enough to take a photo with a hashtag of the event and share the photo in social networks that the audience willingly did.

However, the main focus of the audience was nevertheless turned to the music performed by 35 excellent musicians under the direction of successive conductors — major Pavel Pogorelov and captain Mikhail Orlov. «Fire Beats in Close Stove», «Girl Saw off the Fighter», «Katyusha», «Smuglyanka», «Black Eyes», «Marousia» — the audience recognized these tunes literally with their first chords. The audience also gave generous applause to foreign hits «It’s My Life» by Bon Jovi and «Smoke on the Water» by Deep Purple, etc.

«This is my first time at a concert of a brass band in the park; I see my son at work for the first time," Elena Mikhailovna, the mother of the military conductor Mikhail Orlov, says. «I came specially from the town of Kovrov in the Vladimir Region. It was, of course, an unforgettable impression! I melt into tears!»