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1 October 2018

Suvorov Days in Switzerland – 2018

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The Band of the Moscow Military Music School, winner of the 2018 Spasskaya Tower Festival audience choice award, has conquered the hearts of the Swiss audience.

From September 22 to October 2 the Band of the Moscow Military Music School named after Lieutenant General V. M. Khalilov took part at the Suvorov Days in Switzerland Festival. The concert tour around Switzerland was dedicated to the celebration of the 219th anniversary of the Russian Army crossing the Alps under the lead of Alexander Suvorov.

With perfect balance between academic concerts and parade ground or platz concerts the tour schedule of the Military Music School delegation provided a perfect opportunity both to enjoy the beauty of Swiss cities and cover a larger number of concert venues. Conducted by their instructors Kirill Cherchik and Mikhail Kuslin, young musicians almost every day demonstrated their brilliant skills at the central venues of Lausanne, Fribourg, Andermatt, Berne, Stans, Thun, Inkwil and Luzern.

Famous for its vibrant performances of platz concerts always full of vigorous popular compositions, the Band of the Moscow Military Music School lingered in the hearts and minds of the Swiss audience. Movements nailed to perfection, precise ground drills echoing dancing elements, virtuous performance and choreography skills as well as unique and harmonious sounding contributed to the cadets’ success. Colonel Alexander Provotorov, Russian Defense Attaché to Switzerland, and Mr. Alexander Cherdakov, Inspector of the Moscow Military Music Band Service of the Russian Armed Forces, accompanied the young musicians at all the events featuring their participation.

Both for the public and the band concerts at the Paderewski Hall of Lausanne and the Equilibre Theatre of Fribourg turned to be the most remarkable. Carefully selected compositions of the academic program were to show not only cadets’ professional skills but the immense richness of the Russian military wind art as well. These spectacular performances couldn’t but include the song “Horse” composed by Igor Matvienko which the Swiss had taken to long before. Whenever it was performed it aroused a thunder of applause. Swiss public also appreciated the highest level of professionalism demonstrated by Ivan Korpan, multi-instrumentalist, leading singer and teacher of the Moscow Military Music School. According to the leaders of the host delegation end of each concert was accompanied by the standing ovation signifying the highest mark by the Swiss audience to someone’s performance.

The solemn wreath laying ceremony to the Suvorov monument, located to the south of the Devil’s Bridge in the Schöllenen Gorge, occupied one of the central spots in the band’s tour curriculum. The ceremony itself is a perfect reminder of the limitless valiancy, bravery and courage of the Russian Army led by Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, one of the world’s greatest military leaders. The event featured participation of Swiss and Russian officials including Mr. Sergey Garmonin, Russian Ambassador to Switzerland, honoring memory of all the officers and soldiers who fell in that tragic place.

Performance staged at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berne was also special. For the ambassador and other guests of honor cadets performed a program featuring both classical and popular compositions. In the end Mr. Garmonin highly appreciated the skills and posture of the young musicians.

Tattoo on Stage

Performance within the Tattoo on Stage World Band Festival has produced vibrant and remarkable impact on the band of the fourth year students of the Moscow Military Music School named after V. M. Khalilov. Russian musicians staged a unique platz concert show in front of a big audience which awarded the cadets a thundering ovation for whom it was the best appreciation of their skills and sense of art.