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Official website of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival
16 December 2021

Meeting of Festivals, Members of the International Association of Tattoo Organizers (IATO)

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Festivals, members of the International Association of Tattoo Organizers (IATO), held an online meeting to share this year’s accomplishments and plans for the future and tailor a development strategy.

The issues of organizing events in the context of current restrictions on international travel and audiences numbers and strengthening sanitary measures came to the fore. The meeting participants paid particular interest and attention to the report presented by the official representative of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival, the only IATO member not only to hold its event in 2021 but do it with foreign bands participation.

Despite the difficulties of the past two years, all the IATO members go on working and making plans for their next season, developing artistic concepts, adapting their ticket programs, and engaging with the audiences. Thus, according to the representatives of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, one of the three world’s largest military music festivals (along with the Spasskaya Tower Tattoo), in 2022, they plan to present their fans a brand new show and adopt a renewed approach to advertising their activities. Loyal fans and admirers of military music festivals worldwide are eagerly awaiting the return of their favourite shows, while the organizers are doing their best to make this return happen in 2022 and upgrade their impact and scale.

The International Association of Tattoo Organizers (IATO) is a community of high-end military music festivals committed to providing support and assistance to its members. Only non-profit festivals that have proved themselves as high-class events of cultural significance and have existed for at least three years can join this organization. IATO features the most famous and spectacular European and world’s festivals, including Edinburgh, Basel, Moscow, Oslo, Hamina, Rotterdam, Berlin, Virginia (USA) and Nova Scotia (Canada).