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18 August 2021

Till Lindemann Will Become Special Guest of the Spasskaya Tower Festival

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Till Lindemann, German vocalist, poet, songwriter and frontman of the Rammstein and Lindemann metal bands, will become a special guest of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival. He will perform on Red Square on September 4 and 5.

Till Lindemann is the author of Messer (Knife) and In Stillen Nächten (In the Quiet Night) poem collections, starred in 8 films. He worked on the soundtrack for Timur Bekmambetov’s Devyatayev film, recording a cover of the Soviet song 'Favorite City'.

In the mid-1980s Till Lindemann started playing drums. He got his first experience in the amateur punk band called First Arsch. Young musicians performed in abandoned factories and country houses, as rock music was banned in the GDR. In 1993 his friend Richard Kruspe invited Till Lindemann to move to Berlin and become vocalist of the new Rammstein band.

In 1994 Rammstein recorded their first album called Herzeleid featuring songs in German. A year later, they were still warming up audiences for more famous bands. But in 1996 their first music video was released on MTV, bringing the musicians first European and, a year later, worldwide fame. Several Rammstein songs were used by renowned director David Lynch in his Highway to Nowhere movie. The group is still successfully touring all over the world.

Along with Rammstein, Till Lindemann is actively engaged in his solo career.