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Comfort package


We offer you to purchase an additional service with your ticket: the Comfort package. Now the cost of the Comfort Package is only 1800 rubles!

Certificate holders for the Comfort Package are provided with:

— Priority access.

Certificate holders have the right of priority access to Festival’s area through separate entrances (one certificate gives the right for two people who own tickets to the Festival performance to enter the Festival through special entrances). The entrance for the Comfort package certificate holders is marked with a flag.

— The set of useful accessories for comfortable attendance of the show.

At the Festival’s area, the certificate for the “Comfort” Package is exchanged for a set of accessories: a warm blanket, a waterproof heat-insulating mat-seat and two pocket autonomous heat sources packed in a branded backpack. The exchange is made before the start of the main show, in the Official souvenirs of the Festival tent, 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm for evening shows from August 23 to September 01, 2019, and 10.00 am to 1.00 pm for the daytime show on September 01.

Attention! Only holders of the Spasskaya Tower 2019 Festival tickets can purchase the Comfort Package. The certificate for the Comfort Package without a ticket is not valid.

We wish you a comfortable show!